Rant Begins…

How many times in the last month have I heard… “I don’t vote”, “I’ve never voted. What’s the point?”, “they are all rubbish, means nothing to me!”

I find this attitude unacceptable. I grew up in a country where 30+ million peoples futures were decided by the 3 million who were “the right colour” to vote. Not too many years ago, women, here, were throwing themselves in front of horses and dying for the right to vote.

And you can’t be arsed????

If you don’t know who to vote for, or, if you think they are all shit, tell them. Go along and scrawl “WANKERS” across the ballot paper but go, walk into the polling station and do your duty.

Voting is not a “right” its a privilege. Don’t insult the memory of those that have died to bring you this gift, or spit in the eye of those that would die to have their say!

Get of your ass and vote!

Rant ends…