Gently down the Stream…


Been a few hectic weeks here at Aquila towers so have not had time to catch up on the web streaming happenings for a while.

The media140 event in Perugia was hit by #ashtag problems and a few of the delegates that were unable to travel there came up with a last minute, crazy plan to live-stream a broadcast from here, so they were still able to participate. I got a mad phone call from Christian (@documentally) with a hastily put together plan to stream from a cold war nuclear bunker, now data solutions centre, as they had some ass-kicking Internet power that we could leech! Over two days, with a ever growing list of attendees, a running order and topics of discussion taking shape, all that was left was to turn it into a stream.
Adam and I turned up a few hours before with literally a car full of kit (including half of our HD edit suite) and hastily prepared for the inevitable whirlwind of energy that is a signature of any @documentally event.

Aside from the Internet cutting off 10mins before the broadcast and still downloading inserts for the programme minutes before the stream started, all seemed to go well.
Here is the product of the days endeavour by the intrepid team of (@documentally@paulbradshaw@cwardle@katepickering@megpickard)




This was also our first live trial of the software with more than one HD camera as well as pre-recorded inserts. All in all I think the event was a success and it was great to finally work with Christian. Hope this is just the beginning. I love his energy and enthusiasm for utilising cutting edge tech in an accessible way.


Only a few days after we were hitting the nets again with more awesome content, this time live streaming from Authority 2.0. Hosted by MA Social Media students from Birmingham City University (@hadleypaul & @jigar_patel, the conference showcased alternative media practices, encouraged open discussion and presented West Midlands Police with solutions to some of their digital communication challenges.


Although we were sightly more constrained in the bandwith dept (one can get used to satellite internet you know!) the stream held steady and this was also a 2 camera event which this time included, live website previews, pre-recorded content as well as a presentation with a Q&A session, delivered via Skype from Baltimore. A great event put on by the guys with lots of meaningful discussion which seemed to catch the interest of more than the 60 people in the room as we had 364 external views of the stream whilst live.


The “Terrorist or Photographer” Panel Debate from Authority 2.0
Photographs used with kind permission:
Bunk3r – @documentally
Auth2.0 – @johnhickman