Quite a lot of the crazier things we do these days seem to start from a tweet and last mondays happenings were no exception. An random idea, tweeted by @danslee, @cyberdoyle & @johnpopham snowballed as these things often do and became the smashing bank-holiday success that was #twicket.


Starting off small, as it was a bank holiday so we thought we would have to run on a skeleton crew, the first idea was to use a few well placed webcams and stream them individually so viewers could see all the views concurrently. Quickly though the two newest members of #teamawesome, @shakka_khan & @lenny_khan, keen to come along too, managed to remind me that we don’t do things by halves and soon the job had ballooned into a 3 broadcast camera shoot with vision mixer to deliver an edited piece live to the screens.


The weather was spectacular, bringing hundreds of people from miles around to watch the match. Commentary was provided by the lovely Brenda who proved to be more popular with the audience at times than the cricket match itself. Watched live by 2740 people and seen to date by 5000 it proved to be an amazingly successful day for all and managed to bring the issue of Rural Broadband to the fore in an exciting and quirky way.



Tech Guru, Debbie, terminating my ethernet cables


There was plenty of press coverage on and about the day from The Guardian Tech Blog to BBC TV News and Radio.
More in depth info can be found here (johnpopham’s blog) and here (Janet Davis’ Blog)



For more information and to watch the cricket match itself visit