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Random SXSW Pics

Lagging miles behind in getting all the notes written up from the SXSW sessions. Will get onto it as soon as possible. In the meangtime, some randoms.

Cinematic Production with DSLRs

An in depth look at their content and the equipment and processes they use when shooting video on DSLR Panelist info: Quality of sound is not very good,…

Speaking to Geeks

Being geek is “in” today but how do companies and marketers talk to these currently-hip-but-not-hipsters and become part of the pop culture landscape themselves? Representatives from the pillars of geekdom:…

The Future of Philanthropy

Recent research shows that online giving is growing at a rate of 40% annually. Driving and shaping this activity are some innovative tech startup companies looking to change the very…

Did you kill anyone?

Reality in War Movies #realwar Presenters info: Quality of sound is not very good, just recorded on my iphone to aid in writing up proper notes at a later date….

DSLR Video and Beyond:

The Impact of Emerging Technology on Filmmaking Discussion Panel moderated by Guy Kawasaki on the way DSLR video is changing filmmaking. Great discussion points. Audio is a little quiet as I…

Disconnection Disaffection.

Ever since my flight to Austin I have been suffering from an uneasy feeling of disconnectivity. The eight hour flight was the longest I have been “offline” for a long…

Pictures from SXSW

The Pictures from the various events at SXSW can be found on our Flickr page

The Pogoplug in SXSW

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the @pogoplug device I had been sent by the kind folks over at Cloudengines to take over to SXSWinteractive for a bit of a road test….